Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Spring Enchanted Fairy Garden

After we finished our jungle unit, we were entering spring here in Louisiana, so we decided to evolve our jungle into an Enchanted Fairy Garden.  We added more flowers to our vines, added colored tulle to our ceiling for mystical and magical feeling.  We created a garden as our hallway display (see Hallway Displays 3).  Then each child made a fairy which hung in our room.  

Our Fairies

We provided tutus and wings for the girls to dress up in.  The boys had Peter Pan and Mad Hatter outfits to wear.  The children played tea party in dramatic play, in their enchanted fairy garden.  We made fairy houses out of styrofoam cups and bowls decorated by the kids.  The children also painted egg cartons to create caterpillars.  

We also made a "butterfly bush".  I painted the children's feet the colors they chose and used their footprints to make butterflies.

The children loved their enchanted garden, and were sad to leave at the end of the year.  It was so pretty, we hated taking it down after the school year ended.

I hope our enchanted fairy garden inspires you to bring some "magic" into your classroom this year.  


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jungle Fun

Wow!  I can't believe it's almost 2015!  Half the school year is already over, and another calendar year is on it's way out.  Back in February, we studied the Jungle for several weeks.  We decided we really wanted to "bring the jungle" to our students, since there was no way to bring the children to the jungle here in Louisiana.  So we decided to decorate our room in a jungle theme.  We used items we both already had at home such as Crystal's cheetah pillows, fake flowers from my wedding and my king size black canopy.  

We twisted brown bulletin board paper into vines and hung them from the ceiling.  We added a lot of green leaves on the vines.  I also made some tissue paper flowers for the some of the vines. (not shown, we also added several large sections of green paper to make the jungle canopy.

Our loft was turned into "Baloo's Block Bungalow".  

On the other side of our loft, Crystal made a waterfall.  First she put up brown bulletin board paper and painted a stone
design on it, she then added turquoise bulletin board paper for the water.  Then we added the fake flowers I had from my wedding.

We turned our dramatic play center into a Jungle Tour company.  We made binoculars for the children out of toilet paper tubes, cheetah duct tape, and yarn.  We made mini tiki torches using cheetah duct tape covered styrofoam cups filled with orange, yellow and red tissue paper to resemble fire.

Crystal turned the front of some of our shelves into jeeps.  Our children brought stuffed jungle animals to school, as did we, so there were animals to see on the "jungle tours".  Our children had a lot of fun taking each other, and visitors such as our principal, on jungle tours.  We also made some jungle animals at art to display around the room.  We made lions, giraffes, chameleons, elephants, monkeys, toucans and tree frogs.


 We also did a jungle explorer writing activity. **** Original idea seen on Buzzing About Second Grade blog!!!  Go to Buzzing About Second Grade blog for copies of the report, pattern and directions!!!   And we did a project about the four layers of the jungle.

We enjoyed the jungle unit, and can't wait to teach it again in the new year.  I hope this year's kids enjoy it as much as last year's kids did!