Saturday, July 19, 2014

My First Post

  Welcome to C+C Preschool Factory.  This is my first post on my first blog.  My name is Christa.  I am a married mother of three sons, Nic, Zac and Xander.  They are 20, 12, and 3.  I have worked with young children as long as I can remember.  I started out babysitting as many young girls do.  When I was a senior in high school, I began working part time at a nursery school.  I started out working after school with three year olds.  After graduation, I was offered a full time position. I spent a summer teaching three and four year olds. When the fall session started I was assigned to working with two year olds.  However, neither of the two  teachers hired to care for the infants worked out.  Each time they were unavailable, I would sub in their room.  Finally the parents requested I be put in the infant room on a permanent basis.  I LOVED working with the infants.  I used my spare time doing art projects to brighten up my room.  Then other teachers started asking me for ideas, and I realized I enjoyed helping others with their art projects also. Eventually, I was made head teacher for infant - three year olds.  I held that position until I resigned to become a nanny for a former student and his brothers. Two years later, I moved to Louisiana from my home state of Connecticut to join the rest of my family.

  When my oldest child was three, I decided to enroll at a technical college to study child care.  I was able to have my son with me at the on-site day care, which was also the child care classes on site lab.  I graduated with an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and Development.  I was their second graduate from the Associate Degree program, and the first with all A's. This led to my being hired as the teacher for their day care, but I only stayed for one summer.  I left to work for the school system as a paraprofessional in EvenStart taking care of infants, which was my first love.  Unfortunately, the EvenStart I worked for was moved to four different locations in two years, and the teacher I worked with decided to leave to work with four year olds. So I chose to resign to stay home with my second son, who was nine months old at the time. When Zac was old enough to go to preschool, I went back to the same school I had worked at when I was first hired by the school system.  I have been back at work now since February 2005.  We moved into a newly built school, I moved to a new classroom, and have been in that classroom since August 2006.  I have had four different teachers pass through this classroom.

  I am currently about to start my third year working with a wonderful teacher, Crystal. We met many years ago when she was student teaching at the college I attended.  Fifteen years later, she is still as awesome of a teacher as she was when she was a new teacher.  She inspires me every day.  We share the same joy of teaching.  We both love our jobs and the children we teach.  I have had more fun with her in the last two years than all the years previous put together. I feel we compliment each other perfectly. We can finish each other's sentences, know what each other is thinking, and have never had a cross word with each other.  This makes for a wonderful working environment.  We are also blessed to have gotten a new principal this past year who has given us the opportunity to let our creative juices flow, and has supported us every step of the way.  

   My blog's name was inspired by our two names and our love of 80s and 90s music. It's a play on C+C Music Factory  - a dance music group, best known for their hits Gonna Make You Sweat and Things That Make You Go Hmmmm. I'm always quoting songs when something in a conversation makes me think of a lyric.  I do it so much, Crystal does the same thing now.  

  This blog is going to be a place for me to share the wonderful things we do in Preschool.  My hope is it will inspire and give ideas to other preschool teachers and paraprofessionals.  I encourage you to look at working with young children as a positive experience, even during the hard times.  I hope you enjoy it!


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